While touring across the United States this year, I went for a stroll through a Flea Market. Scanning my eyes along shelves of trash and treasure, I found a journal titled ‘Evidence That The World Is Fundamentally Evil.’ I was intrigued. The idea was to write down all the bad things that happened each day and fall into a pit of despair. It could make a funny gag present, but I couldn’t believe someone had put time and money into this idea.  At the same time, I could hear the radio blaring out news of violence and injustice. I felt depressed. While walking home, I was trying to make sense of this negativity and I decided to start my own account of  ‘All The Goodness I See.’ The idea was to write down one good thing that happened every day, and after just a couple of days, I found myself growing more aware of the beauty around me. It seemed to be even brighter than before-Why? Because I was looking for it.

There is goodness everywhere we look- sometimes hidden amongst the stark reality of sadness and bad. Yes, there is great evil in this world and it should not be ignored, but I don’t want to fall for the lie that there is no good news at all. That we cannot trust our neighbours.

“Do not look at the faces in the illustrated papers; look at the faces in the street. See what great and reasonable number of them are strong, humble faces, full of humour and hard work, faces with sad eyes and humorous mouths.” – GK Chesterton